Sweet & Super Crunchy Pecans

Sweet & Super Crunchy Pecans


Are you looking for pecan nuts that comes with a sound and taste so loving for every bite your make? Then this sweet and super crunchy pecans are your best buy. It’s the perfect vegan snack which satisfies every craving. It lets you experience joy that you have never imagined would come from pecan nuts.

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WTN – What the Nut? Sweet and Super Crunchy precisely describe this fabulous bag of pecans! Did we mention they’re Super Crunchy? Well they are! It’s all in the secret process! They’re the perfect treat to eat one by one or dee-licious on salads, desserts, even pasta! The pecan variety is called desirable and is a mammoth size pecan. It is sweetened with NON GMO maple powder complemented with sea salt and organic cinnamon and nutmeg spice blend. Vegan maple crunchy pecans NON GMO, GLUTEN FREE, All natural

They are excellent for both indoor and outdoor recipes – salad, pasta as well as deserts. And why not, you can include these pecan nuts pack in your back to school packs or just use them to show someone how much you love them. They are made from premium quality pecans, and are non-GMO verified.

Vegan crunchy pecan with a sweetness only you can imagine!

The My Buddy’s Nuts Process:

  • The pecans are boiled to remove the oils and softens the nut
  • We drain everything and add powdered sugar, covered with tapioca starch
  • We then crisp the peanuts using a process called velvetizing
  • Seasoning is added once it comes out of the fryer

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