Spicy Hot Pecans 4oz

Spicy Hot Pecans 4oz


Besides its spicy flavor, you won’t fail to notice the amazing taste of organic cayenne pepper that incredibly makes it sweeter to add to your recipes.

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So yummy and daring! These Spicy Hot Pecans will surely put smiles on the face of everyone in your family. What makes these pecan nuts so special is the sweetness from the Non-GMO maple powder it has been garnished with. As spicy as it is, it is complemented with a touch of sea salt to further make it tasty enough to chew all day long. There has never been a better way to eat pecan nuts with such joy.

A spicy, crunchy pecan with a sweetness only you can imagine. Vegan maple crunchy pecans NON GMO, GLUTEN FREE, All natural

The My Buddy’s Nuts Process:

  • The pecans are boiled to remove the oils and softens the nut
  • We drain everything and add powdered sugar, covered with tapioca starch
  • We then crisp the peanuts using a process called velvetizing
  • Seasoning is added once it comes out of the fryer

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