Maple Mustard Pecans 4oz


Once you try this Maple Mustard Pecan snack it will be love at first bite. A tad zesty, a bit tangy, with just a hint of sweetness. You’re taste buds will be lovin’ you! It’s so good we wonder if you’ll share!


Vegan maple crunchy pecans NON GMO, GLUTEN FREE, All natural

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A true favorite because it’s so savory. Enjoy as a snack or use as an ingredient! Buddy likes to encrust fish or chicken. Try it in a stuffing and -DEE-lish!

The My Buddy’s Nuts Process:

  • The pecans are boiled to remove the oils and softens the nut
  • We drain everything and add powdered sugar, covered with tapioca starch
  • We then crisp the pecans using a process called velvetizing
  • Seasoning is added once it comes out of the fryer

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