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Celebrate 2017 with the Health Nuts

          There was a time in the not-too-distant past when people who pursued a regimen of exercise and nutrition were labeled “Health Nuts.” The connotation was somewhat accusatory, as if aspiring to fitness was a disreputable or distasteful goal. Usually the title “Health Nut,” was invoked in the same disparaging tones with which one might pronounce such slurs as “Heroin Dealer,” or “Kleptomaniac,” or “Kardashian.” But Bonnie & Buddy have always maintained the firm conviction that a comprehensive understanding of basic Nutrition will insure against a lifetime of unhealthy choices. In fact, they created My Buddy’s Nuts with that positive philosophy in mind.

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The Nut Before Christmas

‘Twas the nut before Christmas, the last treat of the night,

            That yummy snack snuck once your kids are out of sight,

Not a PC was running, nor a pad beneath one mouse,

            Not an iPhone was ringing throughout the still house;

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Dec 17, 2016 11:11:00 AM By Denise Koek Christmas, treat, snack, snuck, appetites, delectable, nuts, 0 Comments Resources,

"My Name Is Buddy and I'm a Pumpkaholic"

            There is something unique about this time of year.  Perhaps it’s the cool, refreshing air that swirls around us.  Perhaps it’s the omnipresence of multi-hued, crunchy leaves underfoot.  Perhaps it’s the soon-to-be-fulfilled promise of snow.  Or perhaps it’s the proliferation of all things Pumpkin… everywhere

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It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, It’s My Buddy’s Nuts!

          Life would be grand if we could all fly around the globe accompanied by My Buddy’s Nuts. Just imagine a world in which your favorite healthy, gourmet snack was readily available on any flight you took.

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Aug 22, 2016 4:16:43 PM By Denise Koek fly, globe, healthy, gourmet, snack, familiar, treat, in-flight, 0 Comments Resources,

Happy Buddy Day!

            Our nuts are 1 year old!  Wait, let me rephrase that—our nuts are the freshest on the planet, but collectively, as a company, our nuts just had their 1st birthday! 

            This past year, our fearless leaders, Bonnie & Buddy, have been on a remarkable journey.  They have turned their dream project into a delicious reality.  And they are justifiably proud of our baby, My Buddy’s Nuts.

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We Had Vegas Buy the Nuts!

            From June 15th to June 18th, we members of the MBN team took our first official Road Trip.  We journeyed to Sin City and peddled our delicious nuts to locations all around town.  In the process, we saw and heard things that we’ll never forget—as a matter of fact, I’m still washing my eyeballs out with soap.  

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We’re Taking My Buddy’s Nuts On The Road

What funky, punky, Rat-Pack town offers

          tempting treats, 24/7?

What city exponentially grows,

          and has naughty shows, well past 11?

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Jun 14, 2016 7:04:08 PM By Denise Koek funky, naughty, sinful, drinks, delighted, nuts, 0 Comments Resources,

Nuts to You, Graduates!



          Greetings, Class of 2016!  It is my great honor, today, to serve as your Commencement Speaker and bombard you with wisdom.

          This season millions of good-looking young people just like you, in gowns and funny hats, will be handed fancy sheets of paper covered in calligraphy.  These lovely pieces of parchment—also known as “diplomas”—will serve as your golden tickets to adult society. Read More

VegFest, Charlotte, NC 5/21/16

VegFest, Charlotte, NC 5/21/16

We had a blast "Vegging-Out" with y'all!

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May 21, 2016 6:12:52 PM By Denise Koek 0 Comments Resources,

Noda Eclectic Marketplace, Charlotte, NC 5/14

Chef Phil @ Noda Eclectic Marketplace Read More
May 20, 2016 8:48:09 PM By Denise Koek 0 Comments Resources,

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