From June 15th to June 18th, we members of the MBN team took our first official Road Trip.  We journeyed to Sin City and peddled our delicious nuts to locations all around town.  In the process, we saw and heard things that we’ll never forget—as a matter of fact, I’m still washing my eyeballs out with soap. 

          Our jaunt to Las Vegas bore a striking resemblance to Alice’s trip through the looking glass.  Nothing we saw or heard made any sense. 

          The atmosphere was as hot and dry as Mercury.  (The temperature mostly hovered around a temperate 110 but it rose to a toasty 113 the day we left.)  The sky was a bright, post-card-worthy blue.  All manners of jagged, discordant noise blanketed the heavy air around us.  Our ears were assaulted by yelling, shrieking, horn-honking and incessant sirens.  There was also actual music in the mix—the sounds of professional bands playing in outdoor cafes and elevator music piped from the hotels.

           And then there was that crazy-quilt of humanity. 

          In addition to our humble band of travelers, Vegas was hosting a Comic Con, one of many weekends of The World Series of Poker, the visit of a presidential candidate and the psychedelic, hallucinogenic Electric Daisy Carnival.  There were giddy, adorable young people everywhere wearing gold and silver spanx, unicorn horns, super-hero capes, multi-colored hair, masks, light-up bunny ears and neon-hued fur boots.  But their enthusiasm was contagious. (Thankfully, their taste in clothes was not!)

          Our first day in town, we passed a guy with long greasy hair, standing on Fremont Street and playing his guitar. Unfortunately, the guitar was the only thing he was wearing—along with what I guess you could call two different types of “G-Strings”...  Anyhow, he bore a stronger resemblance to Chip and Dale than one of the Chippendales.

          Wandering through the casinos we found folks who seemed to have achieved the “singularity” the sci-fi aficionados refer to and had become one with their slot machines. From our window seat at the Margaritaville Café we watched a buff Roman Centurion street performer repeatedly “goose” passersby with his sword.  Unsurprisingly, we also saw a few of his victims threaten to punch him.

          And finally there was the Marilyn Monroe impersonator who balanced on the metal grating in front of my hotel.  She proudly modeled the iconic white halter dress and heels, rocked the perfectly coiffed blond wig, and even displayed a suitably voluptuous figure.  Unfortunately, the poor lady was about four decades past her “freshness date.”  I heard a guy behind me admiringly exclaim, “Oh man, that’s perfect!  That is exactly what Marilyn would look like if she was still alive today!”

          We were consistently enlightened and entertained by the zillion types of people we encountered.

          So we trekked across the city and the suburbs and spread delectable samples throughout the land.  We formed some new relationships, listened carefully to valuable input and, in general, got a lot of “good buzz.”  Our sales trip provided us with a great experience and a very promising new frontier for our company.  Yes, friends, we had Vegas buy the nuts! 

          And after a long weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada, I cannot imagine any city more hospitable to nuts.