We’re Taking My Buddy’s Nuts On The Road

What funky, punky, Rat-Pack town offers

          tempting treats, 24/7?

What city exponentially grows,

          and has naughty shows, well past 11?

Where can you go with no one you know,

          and hang out un-combed and unshaven?

 Whose sinful ways and endless buffets

          are a little slice of heaven?

What locale is your pal,

          When you’re bored and ignored?

What burg serves up the fun,

          When your mixed drinks are poured?

What place lays out the cash,

          When your Keno card’s scored?

What metropolis leaves you

          Delighted and floored?

The town where anything goes,

          Where your motivation’s “Just Because,”

The city that never sleeps,

          Where the dress code is “No Fuss, No Muss,” 

We’re gonna tear up this borough,

          The sky is the limit for us,

Today is the day, my friends,

          We bring My Buddy’s Nuts to Las Vegas!