Our nuts are 1 year old! Wait, let me rephrase that—our nuts are the freshest on the planet, but collectively, as a company, our nuts just had their 1st birthday!

          This past year, our fearless leaders, Bonnie & Buddy, have been on a remarkable journey. They have turned their dream project into a delicious reality. And they are justifiably proud of our baby, My Buddy’s Nuts.

          No offense to other 1-year-olds but, really, they can barely hold puree in their mouths at this stage of the game. While other tots are unable to navigate a trip to the playground on their own egg-beater legs, ours is taking meetings with buyers. While other ankle-chompers occupy themselves by tugging on their toes and generating gallons of drool, ours is occupying shelf space in stores across the South & East Coast. While other infants are gumming stewed veggies, ours is going to Vegas. (Hence the origins of the phrase, “Vegas, Baby!”) While other youngsters are making their debut on Mom’s iPhone, ours has a Facebook page, a Twitter feed, and a website. While other linoleum lizards are honored to be mentioned in Dad’s annual holiday letter, our rug-rat has appeared in the press—in print, online, on radio and TV.

          Not to brag, but our baby is quite accomplished. And cuter than yours, too! (Okay, okay, that was rude and uncalled for… I guess I got carried away with “parental” pride… But look at that shiny, mid-century-design gold wrapper… How can you stop yourself from giving that bundle of joy an affectionate squeeze?)

          The entire My Buddy’s Nuts team is bursting with pride as we pass this milestone. And we are ready to celebrate this momentous occasion. “How?” you may ask. Well, how d’ya think, Champ? With Pecan Cookies, and Buddy’s Pecanola, and Applesauce Cake Sweet Maple Pecans, (see our Recipe page) and bags and bags of our pecans and peanuts, all different varieties!

          We invite you to join in the celebration, with a funny birthday hat, your favorite party favors, a crunchy, addictive bag of My Buddy’s Nuts, and a tall, cool glass of your favorite adult beverage. (Because—unlike other toddlers—we can go to bars too!)