Life would be grand if we could all fly around the globe accompanied by My Buddy’s Nuts. Just imagine a world in which your favorite healthy, gourmet snack was readily available on any flight you took.

          For one thing, a familiar and comforting object, like your favorite treat, can serve as a great comfort to a nervous traveler. Instead of gripping the armrests, whenever you experience bouts of anxiety, you white-knuckle flyers can simply clutch My Buddy’s Nuts.

          The in-flight safety announcements alone would be worth the price of admission. Think how entertained you’d be to hear the flight attendant say, “In the unlikely event of a sudden change in cabin pressure, panels above your seat will open, revealing My Buddy’s Nuts. Reach up and pull them towards you. Be sure to secure your own pecans first, before helping others.” Picture the crew informing one and all, “In the event of an emergency, please assume the bracing position. Lean forward with your hands on top of your head and your elbows against My Buddy’s Nuts.” Or: “In the unlikely event of a water landing, My Buddy’s Nuts can be used as a flotation device.”

          I mean how much fun would that be?

          Sure you already have the ability to pack up your nuts and haul them onto any plane. But if you forget them or, worse yet, run out in the midst of some serious mid-day hunger pangs, you’ll be tragically out of luck. (Not to mention the trauma you would experience if some rogue, snack-crazed TSA agents confiscated your stash to satisfy their own stress-induced cravings.) I would love to see a procession of flight attendants tossing My Buddy’s Nuts to a plane full of eager passengers.

          Till now, our treasured treats have been sadly earth-bound. But we look forward to the day when we can unleash our healthy munchies aboard every plane in every fleet and send My Buddy’s Nuts hurtling towards the heavens. When you’re eating healthy, the sky’s the limit!

Legal Disclaimer: My Buddy’s Nuts are not intended to function as either an oxygen conduit, nor as a flotation device. All claims to the contrary are made in the interests of disseminating humor and spreading My Buddy’s Nuts across this great nation.